The winter shelter

OPEN, until the 1st of June

The winter shelter is open during the unguarded periods to allow you to shelter in a small comfortable hut during your adventurous getaways.

There are 6 mattresses, tables and chairs. A cooking stove allows you to heat the room, to cook in the oven and to warm your food on the top. Be careful about its use, do the fire in the good area (at the right top), take out the ashes before you leave (at the right bottom), and let the oven clean.

Dry toilets have been created just next to the front door of the winter refuge, for your comfort. The idea is simple : one hole, one basket, and some chips of wood to display onto your offerings. Before you leave the place, just empty the basket into the compost which is 50m away, marked by 4 orange sticks.

Beware, there is no:

  • water
  • gaz : take your own camping stove for your morning tea 🙂


Out of hygiene and respect for all users, thank you for:

  • bringing a sleeping bag liner or a small sleeping bag
  • leaving clean behind you
  • closing the shelter when you leave: all the windows and the 2 front doors.


If you are happy with this winter hut, we will ask you to pay 10 € / person / night in the trunk for this purpose in order to finance the wood, maintenance and the continious improvement that we try to do in this small paradise.

IMPORTANT: The winter shelter is always open in free management. We don’t control the number of people which have the same idea the same day to go and spend a night there! Thank you for respecting all users.

Have a good stay!

The winter hut being the small building on the left in the winter photo; right in the summer photo 🙂

The cooking stove